The Battles in Afghanistan and Iraq
Our Fallen Heroes


“Sometimes people tend to forget the reason(s) our country was born........... It's the veteran that ensures that we continue to have the freedoms that are enjoyed by citizens of the United States of American today......... God bless them all......... and may God be with them. We....... the citizens must make sure their famlies are taken care of................... Freedom is not free....” Ted Grissom (THEODORE T. "TED" GRISSOM)

Two Videos Submitted to Rush Limbaugh by SGT Clay Smith: Wings of Freedom (.asx video file) These Are The Ones (.wmv video file)

Operation Enduring Freedom

Afghanistan Fallen Heroes:

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Iraq Fallen Heroes:


*Note: OUR FALLEN HEROES is as fact-based as possible. Errors are inevitable, and we apologize in advance. Please contact us with verified corrections should you find any. Our personal opinions are just that -- personal opinions. Thank you and May God continue to bless and protect our President, our Military and our country.

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Iraq Coalition for FREEDOM!
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